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Many Windows computer users have probably experienced some type of error message while operating their computer.  In many instances, these errors can usually be related to missing or corrupted DLL files, which are a vital part of any Windows operating system.

A Dynamic Link Library file, or DLL file, is a small collection of executable files or functions that help to ensure that Windows operates properly. Rather than using one large file, Windows computers rely on smaller DLL files to run specific tasks.  The primary advantage of this structure is that since Windows is only using several smaller files to run a particular function, the computer uses less memory and can therefore run faster.

Our Computer Technician’s Note: If you try a do-it-yourself (DIY) method to fix and repair DLL errors, this will require that you have some technical knowledge and trust where you are downloading your DLL files.  The recommended solution is to utilize a registry cleaner that will automate the DLL clean-up process in 3 simple steps.  You can download a DLL Error Fixer here.

missing msvcr80dllDLL Errors – Disadvantages of DLL Files

There are, however, several disadvantages with this operating system – which is probably why you’re reading this article.  A primary issue of course is if a particular DLL file goes missing then the end user will receive an error message on their computer and won’t be allowed to continue doing that function.

In other cases, corrupted DLL problems could result in triggering other software and hardware issues.  If these problems become very frequent, then you may experience what is known as the ‘Blue Screen of Death’ which makes your computer inoperable.  Therefore, it is important that you pay attention to any type of DLL error that you have encountered and find ways to remedy it (see the msvcr80.dll post to fix that particular error).

It’s worth noting that some applications use more DLL files than others.  While many applications use a standard set of DLL files, additional DLL files are added to your operating system over time as new applications are installed on your computer system.

Generally speaking, the Windows operating system will automatically update your DLL files when required.  However, if you neglect your computer and fail to keep it operating smoothly, you will be more prone to DLL errors.

fix msvcr80Fix DLL Errors Quickly

To keep your computer running properly and to ensure you do not have any DLL errors, it’s recommended that you use a registry cleaner to fix and repair common DLL problems.

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