The Most Common DLL Errors and Fixes For Windows

Learn About the Most Common DLL Errors

Since DLL files run a specific task or perform a certain function, many of the errors that you receive are unique.  When attempting to repair a DLL error it is important that you record as much information as possible about the error message..  This will help you problem solve a fix (Note: To learn more about DLL errors see my post What Are DLL Errors?).

Found below is a listing of some of the most common DLL errors that Windows users encounter.  Even though this list is just a very small grouping, it can help you determine and solve similar types of problems and errors.

Our Computer Technician’s Note: If you try a do-it-yourself (DIY) method to fix and repair DLL errors, this will require that you have some technical knowledge and trust where you are downloading your DLL files.  The recommended solution is to utilize a registry cleaner that will automate the DLL clean-up process in 3 simple steps.  You can download a DLL Error Fixer here.

12  Common DLL Errors:

missing msvcr80dllIEXPLORE.DLL

The most common type of iexplore.dll error will generally say the following:

“iexplore.dll caused an invalid page fault in module tps108.dll”

This error message usually appears when you open Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Often you may also receive a General Protection Fault (GPF) error that requires you shut down your Windows computer.

fix msvcr80One way to correct this DLL problem is to disable any 3rd party extension you have installed with MS Internet Explorer.

missing msvcr80dllSHELL64.DLL

The common error message for this type of DLL includes:

“Microsoft Internet Explorer encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

fix msvcr80As noted, this error usually presents itself when attempting to open Internet Explorer.  To resolve and fix this issue, you can choose to disable the shell.dll file form your system.  This file is usually located within the System32 file folder on your computer system.

missing msvcr80dllURLMON.DLL

The common error message for this type of DLL error will often read:

“iexplore caused an invalid page fault in module urlmon.dll.”

Most often this error message appears when accessing or running Internet Explorer.

fix msvcr80Repairing this issue will require editing the Windows Registry.  It is therefore suggested that you utilize a registry scan tool to fix and repair this type of error.

missing msvcr80dllSHOCVW.DLL and ACTXPRXY.DLL

You’ll know you’ve encountered one of these types of errors when you see the following message:

Internet Explorer script error

An error has occurred in the script on this page



Error: No such interface supported

fix msvcr80Generally, you will receive this message when you open up a link in a new window and the window will refuse to open and instead the error message will appear.  The reason you may receive this error is that while you’re attempting to open a new window, the DLL information in the registry related to Internet Explorer has become damaged.

To fix this DLL problem, you will need to register the DLLs.

missing msvcr80dllKERNEL32.DLL

The typical message for this type of DLL error would include:

Iexplore caused in invalid page fault in module kernel32.dll

fix msvcr80You’ll receive this message when you open or close an Internet Explorer window.  Sometimes you may get this message when closing MS Outlook or MS Outlook Express.  A quick way to prevent this error is to disable using Internet Explorer and Outlook at the same time.

missing msvcr80dllMSVCRT.DLL

A very common DLL error is the msvcrt.dll.  The following error message appears when it is encountered:

“This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down.”

This DLL error appears when you open up Windows but only for certain versions that have MS Works installed.  When you open up the detail properties of the error message it will usually say that the exception occurred in module msvcrt.dll.

fix msvcr80Often this error message is the result of a conflict with the associated DLL files that support MS Word and MS Works.  A quick way to problem solve this issues is to remove the MS Works add-on for MS Word.  You should be able to do this through the add/remove program function found on the Windows Control Panel.

missing msvcr80dllHPAFD32.DLL

You know you have a hpafd32.dll error when you see the following message appear:

“Microsoft Word has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

By clicking the property details you may see that there is an exception to hpafd32.dll.

fix msvcr80This DLL error is linked to a conflict of Hewlett Packard print drivers, in particular the HP 1200 and HP 3200 models.  In short, HP printers require the hpafd32.dll file in order to operate and some printers require later versions of the DLL file.  Often when installing a new printer the DLL print drivers will automatically update but sometimes this will not occur and as a result you’ll receive the error message.

If you need to install a new HP printer, it is suggested that  you remove the old components of the old printer through the uninstall feature and then install the new printer as normal.

missing msvcr80dllOLE32.DLL

You’ll encounter an ole32.dll error when you see this message:

“Clipart cannot complete the operation.  Interface not registered.  Error code 0x80040155.”

This error gets displayed when you/re in a MS Word document and you attempt to access Clipart.  Most often, the error occurs because the ole32.dll library has not been registered correctly and as a result you cannot use Clipart.

fix msvcr80You can attempt to fix this problem as follows:

–       Click Start

–       Click Run

–       Type regsvr32 ole32.dll in the dialogue box and click Open

–       Next, click OK

If this does not work, then you should either re-install your Windows operating system or use a registry cleaner to fix this issue in a few simple automated steps.

missing msvcr80dllMSL.DLL

When you see the following message:

“The msiexex file is linked to missing export msi.dll:222”

then you’ll have encountered a msi.dll error.

This error is displayed during the installation of MS Office applications and is usually the result of a damaged or corrupted disk and/or file.

fix msvcr80You can attempt to solve this DLL issue by updating your Windows installer application which should correct the damaged DLL file.

missing msvcr80dllWMPDXM.DLL

You’ll know you have a Windows Media Player conflict when you see the following DLL error message:

“Cannot complete Windows Media Player 9/10 series setup.”

Often this message is displayed when you install Windows Media Player version 9 or version 10.  The error appears because the wmpdxm.dll file has either become damaged or is corrupt.

fix msvcr80You can attempt to repair this DLL issue by exiting all applications.  Then try the following steps:

– Click Start

– Click Run

– Type regsvr32 msdxm.ocx

– Click Ok, Click Start, Click Run

– Type regsvr32 dxmasf.dll

– Click Ok

If this does not solve the problem, then it is recommended that you use a good registry cleaner to repair this issue.

missing msvcr80dllWMP.DLL

Another type of Windows Media Player DLL error includes this message:

“The wmp.dll has a version number of where was expected.  Windows Media Player was not installed properly and must be re-installed.”

fix msvcr80Unfortunately, uninstalling and then re-installing Windows Media Player will not solve this issue.  Instead try the following steps to re-register the DLL file.

–       Click Start

–       Next, Click Run

–       Type regsvr32 wmp.dll

–       Click Ok

–       You should next see a message that the registration was successful.  Click the Ok button

You should now be able to open Windows Media Player without any issues.

missing msvcr80dllMSVCP60.DLL

This type of error is usually associated with the msvcrt.dll error earlier addressed in this post.  However, the issue usually appears when accessing Clipart rather than MS Works.  It is likely caused by an incorrect DLL file version being installed on your computer system.

fix msvcr80You can attempt to fix this issue by trying the following steps:

–       Search for msvcrt.dll using the Windows search function

–       Once you’ve found it, rename the file (msvcrt.dll old)

–       Re-start your computer in MS DOS Mode

–       Click Yes, then type CD System, Press Enter

–       Type ren msvcrt.dll msvcrt.dll old, then Press Enter

–       Open Add/Remove Programs

–       Repair Office

DLL files are an essential part of your computer system.  If you don’t have the correct dynamic link library files installed on your computer, you can expect to encounter a variety of problems.

The Windows registry of your computer contains all of the processes and entries to keep your system running smoothly.  Therefore, it is important that you ensure that your Windows registry is kept up to date and clean from DLL errors.

Accordingly it is suggested that you use a registry cleaner that will automate the DLL clean-up process in 3 simple steps.  You can download a free registry scan below (It’s our #1 recommended cleaner).

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